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  1. This week i purchased myself issue 139 of Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine &
    i'm very glad i did! . IMAG4880

    Along with the fab free cover gifts were some free digi stamps to download from the website. Stamping is something i've just started doing myself again after a few years break & i'm very new to digi stamping.

    I downloaded the digi stamps & printed them in a selection of sizes to experiment with. I chose to use my basic pencils on my first attempt & i'm very happy with the outcome! When i finished i decided i liked it so much that i embellished it with gems & framed it to go in my room. I'm going to use my artist pencils next & see what effects i can get using those.

    I tweeted my picture to @simplycards_mag and they kindly replied

    I hope you like my creation, any comments very welcome. As always if you have any questions please get in touch.

    Love and Glitter,


    My basic pencils:

    My artist pencils:

    Link to the digi stamps i downloaded FREE from Simply cards & papercrafts:

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  2. Watercolour Dual Tip Pens

    Often i find people looking at these pens confused and reading the blurb on the back still unsure of what they are going to be getting. I often hear customers talk between themselves "Watercolour pencils i understand, but pens?"
    I own the the set of 36 pens in a lovely caddy. I've been using the pens for all sorts including my colouring books and digi stamp colouring. I have found they are great to work with especially the brush end. Although i use them mostly as standard pens because i love the colours and the quality, i have also experimented with them as watercolour pens.

    Below is an example of the different styles you can create with these pens using a simple waves image.
    The left picture has been created with the brush end tip of the pen, as you can see the brush strokes are nice and smooth on the page, the colours work really well together and blend nicely. The right picture is the effect you can get by simply using an artist brush and water. It really is as simple as dipping your brush in water and smoothly brushing over the ink.



    I hope this post has helped you to understand how these pens can be used, don't forget if you have any questions you can comment on this post, email me at or call 01297624246. Myself or Laura are always on hand to help with your enquiries.

    These pens are available in Packs of 12: and a
    caddy of 36:

  3. PhotoGrid_1439137581335I was very pleased to get a free 'balloon & flower' die in the simply cards and papercraft
    magazine. It was just what i needed to create some simple colourful cards.

    I also purchased a new stamp from my shop, this happy birthday stamp i really liked the style of. I was dissapointed with the brightness of the colours after colouring in, i wanted a rainbow effect but for some reason they didn't pop as much as i wanted them too. I usually swear by these pens but i think maybe i'll use different pens with my stamping!

    I was super happy with the quality of the balloon die cuts though and i can't wait to get creating with the rest of the colours i cut!

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  4. Stamps are something i haven't experimented much with for a while, i used to use them PhotoGrid_1439137506804
    all the time in my crafts but other things too over and then i lost them all somehow!
    My personal stamp collection is very limited at the moment, but i have lost in the shop
    i'm going to safe up for and get myself some so that i can have a real go with stamping.

    For now here is my attempt at a very clean and simple stamped card, i used a basic outline wording stamp then coloured in using my watercolour dual tip pens. I used my star punch and a free rainbow paper that i got in Simply homemade magazine. I really
    can't wait to download some free digi stamps now and have a proper go at stamping!

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