How we started

Kerri-Ann Briggs, founder of Imagine Design Create and mum to two boys, Reuben (5) and Finley (4).

The beginning
My Nanna used to let me pick petals from her front garden full of beautiful roses, she taught me how to press dry them so i could use them to create pictures and cards. I think this is what sparked my imagination and where my creative streak began. Since then i've been into all sorts creative activites my favourite subjects at school being art, textiles & woodwork. I remember i used to make little badges and models then sit on my nannas front lawn with a little stall selling them to neighbours! 

My step dad Mark also inspired my creative side, he is a very talented artist and creator (thought if you asked him he wouldn't admit it!). I remember how he painted characters on the walls of my siblings bedrooms and our playroom. Mark is also very talented at creating items from old pieces of wood and metal, this is probably what inspired my upcycling nature. Though i'm not as talented with woodwork tools i do like to turn old objects into useful new ones.

I started running a sideline business selling my handmade items and running small craft classes for children whilst i was studying and working. I love learning and developing new skills to help expand on my knowledge base. Working alongside children of various ages and their parents/guardians I started to notice how they absorb knowledge and learn new skills through creative play which inspired me to design various classes specfically for the younger children.

Starting up
In 2011 I started running regular art & messy play sessions from my home studio & garden, at the same time I started offering creative parties for all ages; taking the party to the customers and via word of mouth they grew in popularity.
I soon realised that my business needed a home and in 2012 I started working with a local soft play cafe offering my new range of 'learning through creative play' sessions. In April 2013 I opened my first Imagine Design Create craft & creative activities centre in Taunton inspiring creativity and learning through play by holding various creative play sessions and hosting creative parties alongside selling arts & crafts supplies. This is when I started offering classes for adults and encouraging all ages to get creative. In December 2014 I relocated Imagine Design Create to Seaton in Devon a lovely seaside town that is very community foused but also welcomes tourists. Since them i have developed my own designer and demonstrator career working all over the south west of the UK alongside growing my craft centre.

Looking forward
I hope to continue the sucsess of my craft centre in Seaton whilst developing my designer and demonstrator career. I've started working on various design teams and freelancing as a demonstrator. I've lots of creative ideas, i just need to get them out into the world of arts and crafts now.