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  1. Face painting fun!
    I recently invested in a snazaroo face painting kit for use both personally for my kids and also for work when we have special events and parties. I've done face / body painting for a while now and have used many different products but i have always found snazaroo to be the best. The quality is second to none and it is the safest brand i have found for different types of delicate skin.

    We now stock the smaller kits in store at Go Create Seaton and online too. We do an ultimate party pack and basic face painting set, great for parties and events.



  2. Build a scene diesXCU 503280-original

    I recently decided to purchase some build a scene dies for myself and i'm so glad i did! I have to admit that at first i was unsure how to use them i found myself staring at them and the picture and thinking 'but how do i use them other than for standard cards?'

    I took myself across to to browse the gallery of amazing work by talented crafts in the hope of finding something to inspire me. I wasn't disappointed, there was a range of different samples on there so i got to work cutting with the help of my X-Cut pro and enjoyed an afternoon of arranging different layouts.

    Unfortunately time ran away with me and it was soon time to pick my son up from school so i only managed to completely finish one card using the cuts but i have on my desk everything laid out ready to finish some more projects when i get chance!

    I will upload my finished piece to my own gallery where you also find a selection of my creative projects.

    I would love to know what you think of these dies, have you tried them?

  3. Share the creativity

    You think its just a hobby
    I tell you that its more
    You tell me its taking over
    That I am always buying more

    I tell you it is my passion
    Something that I love
    You tell me you will try it
    So I give you a little shove

    Before you know it you’re crafting
    You are hooked as well
    So we double up on craft supplies
    I’m thinking isn’t this swell!

    Another poem by my today, inspired by quick cards made easy request for a card making poem!


  4. Those of you who know me will know that along side being a mum, running my business and designing i also write (yes i know, nothing like keeping busy!). I don't often share my fiction or poetry writing but as I am now back at university studying creative writing i thought i better get used to sharing my work.

    What better day to start than national poetry day!

    This is a poem i wrote a few years ago, please do feel free to leave feedback as i need to develop my writing skills i welcome all constructive feedback.

    Promised me forever

    You promised me forever
    You said you’d never leave
    I let you in my heart
    In you I would always believe

    You told me we’d always be together
    I took your words as truth
    Yet the damage has been done now
    I hold in my hands the proof

    Its hard to understand why this has happened
    Did I do something wrong?
    My family tell me I’ll be just fine,
    That I have always been strong

    They don’t really know me though
    They know nothing of my heart
    I struggled with life before you
    Before you became a permanent part

    I need you to be beside me
    I need you to hold my hand
    I need you to listen
    No one else will understand

    I don’t know why you left me
    I wish you could come home
    But I know where you are is peaceful
    I’ll forever watch the skies where you roam

  5. PhotoGrid_1443546805486I am really getting into stamping now and as well as using new stamps i have been going through my old wooden stamps and bring them back out to experiment with. I can across this beautiful garden themed stamp which was perfect for a relative who is a garden enthusiast. I kept the card simple colouring it with my Faber Castell artist pencils.